Objectives of the course


    General understanding of components of explosive devices, recognition and finding of explosive devices and arsoning devices. Demonstration of the mode of action of different explosive devices, boobytraps and bombs. Practical search for boobytraps in an office room, in a hotel room, in toilets and sanitary rooms as well as in and around a car. Special search for mines and explosive devices in a prepared mine field with varity of most common military types. This course is not only created for security personal. It is as well approved for executive personal, journalists, rescue personal and private persons, which are working or are planning to travel into crises areas or in order to learn preventive behaviour against possible bomb attacks inside of Europe.



Courses schedule USBV Anti-Sabotage Training (16 hours)

  • Theory:
  • Components of explosive devices;
  • kinds of ignition mechanism, detonators and explosives;
  • shock wave and damage to the surroundings;
  • examples of bomb attacks;
  • propellants;
  • standard explosive types (civilian and military);
  • mechanical, electrical + chemical igniters
  • destruction range;
  • effect of a bazooka;
  • protective measures and detection possibilities.
  • How and where can a bomb be positioned?
  • Types of letter-/ parcel bombs, booby traps, vehicle bombs and their reconnaissance;
  • anti sabotage search on the vehicle;
  • preventive measures;
  • route planning
  • protection measures;
  • systematic bomb check in buildings and rooms;
  • preventive measures;
  • procedure after identifying bombs 

  • Practice:
  • Search for booby traps in a hotel room, in rest rooms, in an office and at a vehicle;
  • practical bomb check in the team;
  • training of the reaction during a bomb threat;
  • demonstration and mode of action of different explosives


Place of event II: Bad Wörishofen ( near Munich) (16 hours)

Dates: planned for 2021

Courses fee: € 450,- without accomodation and food

Course fee ISS-Personenschutz Club members: € 400

Number of participants: 6-12

Accomodation possibilities in double room: min € 32 per day/person

Accomodation possibilities in singleroom:min € 40 per day/person

Accomodation in Bad Wörishofen: http://www.hotel-cebulj.de/   http://www.kurhotel-marienhof.de/index.html/

Qualifications: Minimum age 18 years, criminal record



  • Explosive Technicians;bomb squad specialist and deminers
  • Israeli VIP Protection Instructors, Pyrotechnism specialst