Objectives of the course

    Introduction to evacuation possibilities in crisis areas. Acquaintance with Anti-Terror techniques for civilians, sportive shooters, hunters or security personal with good basic knowledge in shooting 9mm pistole. The training is also useful as preparation for working missions or journeys or visits into crisis areas or areas threatend by terrorism or with political instable situation.


Courses schedule Anti-Terror 

(22 hours)

  • behaviour rules for own safety in crisis areas.
  • necessary knowledge of international law.
  • evacuation procedures out of crisis areas
  • reasons for the existence and foundation of terrorism
  • Anti-Terror techniques for civilians in the area of Krav Maga against chokes, grips, strokes, hand holds, defence of weapons and knife attacks
  • Introduction to fixing and arresting techniques
  • introduction and improvement in Israeli Tactical Shooting (ITS) techniques with the 9 mm pistol (incl. weapons + ammunition);
  • training of the stable position;
  • basics of the pointing techniques;
  • use of different holsters 
  • introduction to tactical movements in buildings, when entering to rooms, opening barricades, doors, windows e.g. in situation of being hostaged


Place of venueII: Königswartha  ( near Dresden in Sachsen) (22 hours)

Date: on demand (start 19:00)

Course fee: € 350,- without accomodation and food  and beverages

Course fee ISS-Personenschutz Club members: € 330 + without accomodation and food  and beverages

Number of participants: 6-12

Accomodation possibilities in double room: min € 31 per day/person

Accomodation possibilities in single room: min € 39 per day/person

Qualifications: Minimum age 18 years, criminal record