Objectives of the course

    The participants will get acquaintance with the most important behaviour rules from the “Etiquette Knigge”, starting from the choice of clothes until the visit of a restaurant. Finally everybody will take part in a VIP Protection simulation exercise, where the security during a dinner in a hotel has to be guaranteed in order to practice the theory parts.


Courses schedule Etiquette in VIP Protection and Simulation Exercise       (16 hours)


  • behaviour rules and right approach to the client, his family , his employees and his surrounding;
  • dressing rules;
  • classical style and right choice of suit, the right knot of the tie and fitting shoes;
  • different holsters for every situation;
  • behaviour rules during lunch;
  • which knife, fork and spoon is for which kind of food, which glass is for which drink;
  • some gastronomical language terminologies;
  • planning and executing a VIP Protection mission to an upper category restaurant;
  • starting with the preparations, the right planning and the security concept until the execution of the mission;  
  • Practical training during a graduated menu.  


Place of venueI: Overath (near Cologne) (16 hours)

Date: on demand

Courses fee: € 295,- without lodging incl. menu

Course fee  ISS-Personenschutz Club members: € 255

Number of participants: 6-12

Accomodation possibilities in double room: min € 31 per day/person

Accomodation possibilities in single room: min € 38 per day/person

Accomodation in Overath http://www.hotel-schmithausen.de or http://www.hotel-alte-poststation.de or http://www.hotel-luedenbach.de/

Qualifications: Minimum age 18 years