Objectives of the Course

    Why is basic knowledge or even more background knowledge in life rescueing measurements (LRM) important for VIP Protection Officers, security personell or the personal safety?

  • You have to calculate the occurance of attacks, which could cause injuries for your client, a team member or for yourself.
  • Suddenly occuring illnesses could stop the vital functions of the client, of one of his family members in a few minutes and cause a sudden death or later on invalidism.
  • In general the VIP Protection officer or the security personell or a family member will be according to their position in the mission the first ones, who are close to the client and his family members. So they are responsible to give life rescueing measurments and treatment to them, even if there did not occure an attack.




    During attacks of

  • terrorists, political or religious groups or individualist, which feel themselves legitimated to attack other people
  • fanatics
  • criminal persons or groups
  • we have to calculate the risk of injuries, where we have to give immedeately life rescueing measurements (LRM).