Objectives of the course



    Why is tactical operative driving neccessary for VIP Protection Officers/ drivers, security personnel ?

    • VIP Protection Officers/ drivers and security personnel, which have to drive according to their profession, have to take additional care not only to the general threats inside the traffic but especially according to attacks from terrorists or criminal groups.
    • Statistics of the last 10 years show, that the tendency to violent crime has increased a lot especially during the way to the office and back home.
    • Vehicles are an ideal target for attackers, as they are easy to identify and most of the time easy to tail.
    • Using every day the same route with the same vehicle you will become an optimal base for a planned assasination.
    • Very often there are no alternative ways for arrival and departure when entering to buildings, airports or hotels. Especially in dead ends or parking lodges is existing a high risk for an ambush.

    Our driving trainings are not just for drivers in special professions, but for everybody who is driving a car and who wants to improve his capabilities of driving his vehicle !

    Objectives of the trainings:

    • Improving the personal capabilites of driving and acchieving a better capability of estimating the movements and reactions of a car in emergency situations.
    • Acchieving mor sensitivity in recognizing and avoiding dangerous situations or threats.
    • Training of a secure way of escaping from emergeny situations.
    • Training of Konvoy-Driving and the behaviour and movements in a 2- or 3 cars Konvoy, including the right escort techniques for the VIP car.



  • Peter Lemke, tactical operative driving instructor, driver in special use.
  • For further questions according to tactical operative driving: +49 151 14907527 
  • Israeli VIP Protection instructors