ISS International Security School & Services GmbH®

    The ISS International Security School & Services GmbH® is an  organisation, that was established in 1998,  in order to provide professional theoretical and practical training in all branches of security. This is done world-wide in governmental as well as in private security sector in co-operation with The Israeli  Homeland Security Academy (Skornik Tal Ltd.) (


    The establishment of

    The Israeli Homeland Security Academy

    (Skornik Tal Ltd.)

    The Israeli  Homeland Security Academy (Skornik Tal Ltd.) was established by a group of executive officers and instructors of police, security and special units of the state of Israel, in order to provide to functionaries in all different sectors of the country the necessary professional training. We are talking about security officers and consultants from different associations, who are employed as well as in governmental, public or private sectors of industry or of facilities.


    Our objectives 

    The continously exchange of collected know-how and practical experience in the security sector, which has been accumulated by co-operation with colleagues from Israel and other nations, will guarantee a high level of quality of our organisation.

    Our interest is to provide our members with know-how which we developed through ongoining daily engagement by organizing trainings, qualifications, upgradings and congresses.

    Through this we help to prevent criminality and terror and to fight against them. So we make a contribution to the development of framework conditions,  in which we give optimal possibilities for the development of private persons as well as of social institutions and the international economy.

    Therefore we do not need only know-ledge in the field of VIP protection or self-defense, but especially detailed know-ledge in sectors like  First Aid, Fire-Fighting, Installation Security Techniques, Law , Operative Driving, Shooting , Surveillance , Etiquette and defense against Anti-Sabotage .

    In co-operation with governmental recognized institutions, like the ASB (Arbeiter Samariter Bund) as well as the fire municipal authorities of the professional fire department from Frankfurt am Main and the president of the Berufsverband Bayerischer Detektive e.V. and instructors from governmental special units, the ISS International Security School & Services GmbH® has arranged also in these areas training programs in Germany in order to increase your personal and professional further development.