Objectives of the course

    Study of tactics for tailing and observing persons by foot as well as by car. Introduction of methods for neutralizing and recognizing observation situations (counter surveillance measurements). These techniques are also used for setting up a risk analysis and for external circles in VIP protection.


Courses schedule Surveillance Techniques - Observing and Tailing Objects and Persons  (16 hours)

  • Theoretical Part:  (13 hours)
  • Types of surveillance and tailing
  • overt or covert  surveillance, acquaintance with body language
  • Fixed Surveillance and static observation points
  • Methods of observation
  • technical or physical surveillance
  • Principles of an Observation
  • the surveillance operator, the trigger, the follow, the housing
  • Planning and Preparation
  • written reports, the surveillance team, data regarding the subject, sources of information, key facilities and activities, pre-surveillance check list, possibilities of camouflage.
  • Observation Skills
  • critical reporting to the team, details for description of persons
  • Communication
  • critical points, methods for improving the memory, communication equipment, phonetic alphabet, introduction to basic hand signals
  • Specialists Equipment
  • imaging and recording equipment,  surveillance photography
  • Mobile Surveillance by vehicles
  • necessary requirements, type of vehicles and crew, their demeanor, their demeanor inside a car, the mobile trigger, mobile team set up, three men team formation, mobile communication, special situations like cul-de-sac, multi storey car parks, motorway driving, roundabout procedure, motorway service areas,  action on stop,
  • Mobile Surveillance on foot
  • the surveillance operator, the follow, the A-B-C-method, on the street, the behavior, use of cover, cover stories
  • Counter Surveillance
  • Situations in VIP protection for use of these methods in medium and wide range distance VIP protection missions.
  • Practical Part: (3 hours)
  • Practical training exercise for tailing by foot with use of communication equipment


Place of event: Overath (near Cologne) (16 hours)

Dates:   27. -  28. November 2021

Course fee: € 210,- without accomodation

Course fee ISS-Personenschutz Club members: € 180

Number of participants: 6-12

Accomodation possibilities in double room: min € 31 per day/person

Accomodation possibilities in single room: min € 38 per day/person

Accomodation in Overath http://www.hotel-schmithausen.de or http://www.hotel-alte-poststation.de or http://www.hotel-luedenbach.de/

Qualifications: Minimum age 18 years