Defining the problem

    Since many years the increasing difficult political situation in Israel and other states  is requiring permanently new answers and further development of existing strategies and concepts in order to improve the security situation of the citizens.

    As a consequence of this need we permanently had to develop and to carry out in Israel security methods,  modern techniques , current security equipment and efficient training methods. These enable us a successful modus operandi in different situations which we meet in various sectors of the governmental  and the private (civilian) business sector.


Our concept

    Our secret weapon has always been the Human Factor !

    First of all we put the priority on the qualifying of the human factor.

    For us the investment in technologies and accessories is of secondary importance and is regarded as a supplementary support.

    We believe that the continuously training and instructing of our stuff is our duty and obligation in order to keep their high training level and also to provide them with the best equipment possible before we will operate them in protection and safety missions, at public security assignments and particularly in the anti-terror fighting and the fighting against violence.

    Due to the experience we have gained in Israel and in other countries we start  our work according to the following principles:

    We combine practical training with the simulation of unusual situations as well as with drills and training under mental and psychological stress.By doing this, we improve the ability to cope with different situations of terror threats, violence and high pressure.

    Because security personnel in a stronger mental and physical condition feels more self-confident and copes more successfully with high stress situations resulting from crises and violence during the working schedule.Efficient training, education, knowledge and practice improve the mental and physical abilities which influence the self-confidence of our employees.Only by the process of a continuous education and training  we can ensure the qualification of  being an experienced and efficient employee.

    Your  ISS-Personenschutz® Team